Making Art with LEGO's

Creating moving artwork that incorporates LEGO robotics components is a great way to learn about gears, mechanisms, and sensors. Using art allows engineering to be introduced in a gender-neutral manner. Creating motion requires the use of gears, pulleys, and other mechanisms, as well as design and engineering skills. It also reinforces 21st Century skills such as problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and planning.

summer2013 pd pictures.jpgArt projects shown here were created by teachers during the August 2013 LEGO Robotics Professional Deve
lopment. Each artwork contains moving components, which use LEGO gears, pulleys, motors, etc. to create the desired effect.

Art projects are interdisciplinary and can be incorporated into the curriculum in various ways:
  • Gears, pulleys, and simple machines tie directly into the science curriculum
  • Students can create moving artwork or diorama that recreate scenes from books and stories
  • Students can create models to illustrate a science concept or create models of animals
  • All projects require engineering, which is part of the Science & Technology/Engineering Frameworks.
  • The projects can also be programmed using LEGO Mindstorms software to introduce students to computer science.

For more information about how to get started with transforming LEGO robotics kits into moving artwork, please contact Haruna at hhosokawa@