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Explorers and pioneers have shaped our history by setting out on journeys that no one else has succeeded in, finding new lands, creating new technologies, and breaking down barriers. They are individuals with the vision and the determination to change the way we live.

This year’s Robotics Olympics focuses on accomplishments by explorers and pioneers throughout history, as well as challenges that present-day pioneers are embarking on.

If you have any questions regarding this year’s event or challenges, please contact Haruna Hosokawa at hhosokawa@ or 617-908-6045.

  • Download 2015 Robotics Olympics Challenges: 2015olympics.pdf
  • Online Registration Form for the Robotics Olympics: Registration deadline is midnight on Sunday, May 17.
  • Junior Olympics Challenges (for grades K-2): jrolympics2015.pdf
  • Download Permission Form Template. This is a TEMPLATE only. Please open in Microsoft Word and fill in your school's info before distributing to families.

We are looking for volunteers for the event. Please complete a Volunteer Sign-up Form if you are interested!