Bee-Bots are invading the BPS!

What are Bee-Bots?

Bee-Bots are programmable little robots specially designed for small children. They are programmed using buttons on their back and work much like the "Logo" turtles. Students learn sequential programming by pressing forward/reverse/left/right buttons in order to make the Bee-Bots go from one place to another.
The BPS uses a multi-disciplinary Bee-Bot curriculum developed by Judy Robinson Fried, a retired BPS educator. Bee-Bots travel on a specially designed mat with different pictures/words/numbers on each square.

What can the Bee-Bots teach children?

Anything! Bee-Bot mats are customizable and can be designed to fit into any curriculum. Some of the mats already in use include:
  • Number line
  • Alphabet
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Short vowels, long vowels
  • CVC words
  • Cardinal directions

In addition to these topics, programming the Bee-Bots teach children sequential thinking, planning, and problem solving skills. It also teaches students to break down a problem into smaller steps.

Bee-Bots were featured by Boston Herald: "Students learn with 'Bee-Bots'"

Where are the Bee-Bots?

Bee-Bots are being used in various preK-2 classrooms in the BPS.
  • Sarah Greenwood K-8
  • O'Donnell Elemenetary
  • JF Kennedy Elementary
  • Holland Elementary
  • Tobin K-8
  • Trotter Elementary
  • Beethoven Elementary
  • ...and more!

How does my school get involved?

If you would like to get involved, please contact Haruna Hosokawa at hhosokawa@ bostonpublicschools.org for more information. We offer summer professional developments as well as school-based workshops during the school year. We have a limited number of Bee-Bots available for teachers who participate in the workshops.

For more information about the Bee-Bots, please visit http://www.terrapinlogo.com/bee-botmain.php.

Students at the Josiah Quincy Elementary School were featured on the Boston Herald!