Lesson Plans

This page will feature activities that can be used in classrooms. Lesson plans and handouts are in PDF format unless stated otherwise.
A fun, quick activity to introduce working with motors. Students will build a simple Merry-Go-Round and decorate it.
  • Hardware Requirements: RCX with one motor
  • Software Requirements: Robolab Pilot is OPTIONAL.
  • Approximate duration: 45 min ~ 1 hour
K - 5
Lesson Plan

Building Instructions Handout
Going the Distance
Students build a simple car and program it to travel various durations. They will measure distance traveled and graph the results. Using the graph, students will guess how long it would take for the car to travel a certain distance.

This lesson is adapted from Tufts' Lego Engineering site. This version includes a data sheet, graph papers for your convenience.
  • Hardware Requirements: RCX or NXT with at least one motor
  • Software Requirements: Robolab Pilot
  • Approximate duration: 1.5 ~ 2 hours
2 - 8
Lesson Plan

Handout: Includes data sheet, blank bar graph (for younger students), and grid for line graph (for older students)

Simple two-motored RCX car (Optional. Students may design their own car.)